5 Garden Hen Party Ideas

Having a hens party in the garden can be a refreshing idea. It is usually something different from the bar nights or the small gatherings at a friend’s home. A garden party offers the opportunity to try something different and yet still engage in some of the usual crazy activities. Here are five great ideas for a garden party.

Wine Garden Theme

You might not be able to go to one of the famous Australian wine gardens, so why not bring the wine garden to you. With the right decoration and enough wine, in a well-manicured garden, you can recreate a wine garden and then enjoy tasting the wine. This is the kind of hens party that can either be wild or just fun with a lot of wine. You can have some grapes too so that it can look like a real wine garden.

Night of 100 Cakes

Are the bride and her entourage foodies? Then this may be an idea they may love. How about you enjoy lots of cakes but at the same time choose the best one for the wedding. It is more like you would be testing cakes. Have a variety of cakes brought in and let everyone have a piece of paper where they will give a score for every cake they try, in the end, the cake with the highest score will become the cake for the wedding reception. This can be just one of the hen party activities.

Sports Gala

This will work if the bride and her friends are competitive and like sports. You can organise a series of hen party games that would challenge the guests but they should not pose a threat to the bride. (So Aussie Rules is probably out) an obstacle course, sack race or even drinking games can be a lot of fun for the last night as a single hen.

Yoga Evening

Thinking out of the box, an evening of yoga may be perfect. Hire a yoga instructor and then prepare to relax. The evening of yoga does not have to be the only activity, you can also plan a few other activities like learning to arrange flowers, making chocolate or storytelling. This is an idea for a bride who does not crave excitement or is feeling a bit nervous.

Karaoke Night

Just because you are not going out, does not mean you cannot have some crazy fun. Rent a karaoke machine and sing your hearts out. Well, karaoke is usually fun when you have had something to drink, so do not forget the wine that will set the mood for a night of music and laughter.

Having a hen party in a garden is a nice way to enjoy nature and worry less about cleaning spills off the floor or furniture. With a bit of creativity, you can have a memorable last night out with the girls.

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