5 Essential Items Every Shaving Kit Must Have

Whether you are looking for a shaving gift set for your friend or man, a shaving kit is an excellent choice. However, it’s not so easy to shop for men. Most of the time, women ask their men what they want and then buy it.

When it comes to shaving, the routine work differs from one man to another as they have differing points of view on how to go about it. While some need only a few elements, such as a razor and a source of lather, others might want the latest kits that have an extensive range of shaving supplies.

Often men don’t know what their shaving kit must contain. However, there are a few essentials that should be present in any shaving kit to work together to provide the smoothest and closest shave.


It’s one of the most indispensable items in a shaving kit. That’s why selecting the right shaving brush and stand is an important decision. A cartridge razor will be the best option if your man is just starting out with shaving. When compared to other types of razors, it’s easier to shave with and affordable as well. However, you could also go with a double edge safety razor. Whatever the choice of the blade maybe, a shaving kit is incomplete without this.

Lathering cream or gel

A quality lathering agent not only offers a smooth and comfortable shaving experience but also nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, supple, refreshed, and hydrated after every use. Foaming gel, cream, and soap are the three different types of lathering agents. Foam is better than the other two options as they are easier to form the lather and apply.

Shaving brush

It’s the shaving brush that helps to build-up foam using shaving cream or gel, making it much easier for the razor to remove the hairs and provide a closer shave. Badger, boar, and horsehair are the natural hair brushes available at various price ranges. You can even opt for a synthetic shaving brush that’s soft on the skin while offering water retention. Compare all the brushes and choose the right shaving brush kit.

Aftershave lotion

Another essential item a shaving kit should have is the aftershave lotion. A quality alcohol-free aftershave lotion ensures that the skin stays moist and healthy after every shave.

Shaving stand

It’s a perfect add on to your shaving kit as it is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Of course, it doesn’t contribute to the shaving. But, adds an element of class and elegance when you display it.

As you see, these are the essentials a shaving kit must have. Look for a kit that has these items and surprise your man.

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