5 Considerable Facts While Heading for Dullwich Hill Spray Painting

The undertaking that can bring a lot of satisfaction is by having your car painted. The car’s exterior durability can be enhanced significantly, and it will also be looking like a new one. It also includes an investment of time and money when you wish to have Dulwich Hill spray painting on your vehicle done.

It would be best if you took some time to get your facts right before bringing your car to the paint or the auto body repair shop. To select whether or not to have your vehicles repainted, understanding the painting process entails making everything relatively easy. You can also make some more informed decisions when you are armed with the facts here.


Some of the paint shops give a turnaround time of generally three days or less, but, at the most, you should give your vehicle a turnaround time of about a week to have a significant amount of work performed.

So, why so much time is taken for getting the paint on the car done?

It is quite hard to apply new paint to the older one. It does not allow for the smooth application of a fresh coat with the fading, oxidation, and irregular surface of the car’s existing paint. Before the new car paint is applied, removal of the existing layers of the paint and other prep work should be completed. It will also be raising the total price for the paint job if a car needs extensive prep work.


A fresh coat of shiny paint can usually highlight the problematic areas if you wish to paint over the damages without fixing it properly.

The car repair shop first removes the older paint on the car, thereby fixing the damages for the best results. The injuries that are involved here are as follows:

·         Scratches,

·         Gouges,

·         Dents,

·         Pits,

·         Rust spots,

·         Holes.


Different factors determine the car painting prices. It involves the number of pants and panels that need to be painted, the quality of paint used, and the prep work required here. It would help if you asked the auto repair shops to place the included surface prep measures in writing when requesting an estimate for the car painting. That is the damage that will be repaired or even minimized before getting repainted, and know exactly which parts will be painted here is what you will be assured of.


It is an investment in several ways when you have your car repainted. You will be adding to its residual or the resale value along with treating yourself to a vehicle with a like-new finish. You can also get a higher trade-in value for an older vehicle by investing in repainting. When you sell a used car directly to a buyer, you can also raise your asking price.


The car paint shops may have to remove everything from the car’s interiors during the painting process, which is something that most people do not realize. It includes the console, dash, and even the seats here. These are the items that can be damaged by the painting process, and this is why they are removed beforehand, as there are some risks involved here.

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