5 Common Concerns About Laser Hair Removal


The number of people researching laser hair removal Vancouver seems to be on the rise. The majority of them are either curious about the procedure or they have particular concerns they would like to get more information on. We have done our own research to find out what are the most common concerns and this is a list of the top 5 concerns.

1- Is it Safe?

The word laser is probably what will make many people question the safety. We probably have been exposed to too many Star Wars episodes that have lasers as weapons and so we would imagine the hair will be removed with one of those laser weapons. Well, the reality is that laser hair removal is safe as the place that you seek laser hair removal Vancouver services. A skilled professional will perform safe hair removal so you may need to find the right laser hair removal clinic Vancouver to guarantee safety.

2- Is it Painful?

This is closely related to safety. Naturally, if the word laser scares you, then you are going to think of pain next. Pain is relative but you can be sure that even the most sensitive person to pain should be able to bear the discomfort. One such person described the sensation during the treatment as what you would feel if someone was snapping rubber bands on your skin. This is more of a discomfort than pain and after the procedure, the clinician will use a cooling gadget so after the treatment, there will be no pain at all. With the latest technologies in Laser Hair removal, Laser emission happens while the hand piece is moving on the skin surface. Integrated cooling system help to avoid over heating of the skin and any consequent pain. Once again, it is important that you go to the right clinic.

3- Is it Affordable?

Price is a major concern for many people. Of course, if you are not a billionaire, you need to know if you can afford it. In general, laser hair removal is not cheap, but that does not mean it is not affordable. If you have a reasonable income with some money to spend on looking a certain way, then you should be able to afford it. There are a few things that may determine the cost. If the area to be worked on, for example, is large, then you may need to pay more, different clinics may also charge different rates and if you want additional services like skin resurfacing Vancouver, then be ready for a higher price.

4- Which Part of the Body Cannot be Treated?

Some hair removal creams may not be safe for use on some areas of the body. With the in-Motion technology, need for numbing skin is eliminated and very rarely numbing cream is necessary. Laser removal, however, can be applied anywhere that has hair. Armpits, legs, chest, face, back, bikini area, and arms. It, however, is not recommended for your eyelashes.

5- Is it a Permanent Solution?

The more sessions you have, the less the hair growth, with each treatment, the amount of hair that grows back is less so eventually it may become permanent. Usually after 6-8 session of Laser Hair Removal touch ups may need annually or twice a year. That is probably good news for your aunt with the mustache.

These are just five of the most common concerns, but you probably have a few more that you might want addressed. You can contact a clinic that performs the treatment and get more answers.

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