4 useful tips for successful networking in a coworking space

Excited to start your business from a coworking space? We totally understand that excitement. For an entrepreneur, coworking space offers a lot of benefits including “networking” with like-minded people after all. 


Professional networking and its benefits for a business can never be understated. So, how do you best network in a coworking space?

Cove Kotturpuram - Networking Opportunities

Tip 1:

Get to know your fellow coworkers (genuinely)

Just like any networking group, you ought to know your fellow members beyond their name and profession. Catch up with them during coffee or lunch.

If the other person agrees, then both of you can also schedule some time wherein each person can give a brief presentation about their business. This will give you more insight into each other’s profession.


Tip 2:

Refer your coworkers

Once you have understood what your coworkers do, keep your ears and eyes open for any referral opportunities for them in your circle. While doing so, please remember that your coworker may not be able to immediately reciprocate this gesture by referring you to someone in their network. You are networking with them for a long-term association, so don’t hasten the process by making it a strictly give and take relationship.


Tip 3:

Organise a session

Check if you can organise a knowledge sharing session or a hands-on workshop for your coworkers. Select a topic which represents your business but don’t look to sell immediately. Share your expertise and let this session sow the seeds for future opportunities. Most coworking spaces would happily arrange such sessions and can even invite external visitors for the same. This can get more exposure for your business.


Tip 4:

Remember – Everyone is wired differently

Just like in life, even in a coworking space, you would meet people who may turn out to be different than what you expected them to be in the first conversation. It is also possible that some people may not proceed further after enquiring about your services/products. However, remember to always be on your best behaviour. Ask for feedback if you want, but don’t be pushy or unprofessional.

We sincerely hope that these 4 tips prove valuable for you when you start your stint at a coworking space. At Cove, we have a good mix of different businesses and our centre at Kotturpuram, Chennai provides a lot of opportunities for networking. If you are interested in discovering how Cove Offices can help boost your business, visit us at https://coveoffices.com/locations-kotturpuram-coworking

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