4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Group Fitness Classes

Group training classes have become a trend in the past few years. People often rave about how group training has been helping them in attaining their fitness goals. And the best part? It won’t cost a fortune! Even though a one-on-one personal training session has his own advantages, group training gives you that extra boost of motivation to stay active. Here are 4 reasons listed by a personal trainer in Castle Hill that explains why it’s worth signing up for group fitness sessions:


Training as part of a group will keep you motivated to reach your goals faster. Seeing other members of your group doing their best to make progress will, in turn encourage you to do the same. This is something you won’t get in an individual training session.

If you are the one making progress faster than others in the group, it will motivate you to keep working harder and feel really good about it. Group training sessions are usually led by an energetic and enthusiastic personal trainer in Castle Hill who will keep the entire session fun and lively for everyone.

Individual Attention:

If you are training as part of a large group of 35 or 40 members, you would probably not get as much personal attention as you would expect. This can be hard especially when you are a beginner.

But that’s not the case when it comes to semi private group training classes. As the sessions will have very limited number of people, your personal trainer will provide you personalised guidance and training to reach your specific goals. This allows you to workout, the right way and make meaningful progress as well.

Friendly Rivalry:

During your group training sessions, you get to examine the progress and achievements of everyone. Being able to compare your level of success against that of your peers will help you determine how well you are progressing in your journey, and if you are doing enough to accomplish your goal. Yes, you can analyse your performance with individual training too, but the additional insight you obtain from group training certainly gives it an edge.

Highly Challenging:

As mentioned earlier, group fitness classes in Castle Hill will definitely push members to give out their best. Even if a specific workout is challenging to someone, they are less likely to give up, because the high energy and encouragement that obtain from their peers totally helps. Individuals get out of their comfort zones and try doing something that they have never done before.

Signing up for group training sessions at a Castle Hill gym means that members can be a part of an encouraging community of like-minded individuals. You can make new friends, take part in challenges together, and foster new relations while benefiting from the knowledge and training provided by a qualified fitness instructor.

The author is a certified personal trainer in Castle Hill who has been offering individual and group training programs for various clients. He has over 4 years’ experience in the fitness industry. For more, visit https://gsdperformance.com.au/

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