4 Popular Myths & Facts About Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education has been subject to scrutiny for quite a while. This is mostly because new parents are quite perplexed about enrolling their children at a child care centre, often doubting if preschool education does any benefit to them. With parents believing the misconceptions about Dee Why childrens centre, children lose the opportunity of equipping themselves with important life skills. Here are some popular myths about early childhood education debunked:

Myth 1: Separating Children from their Parents will Cause Issues

Fact: The most popular misconception about early childhood education is that children will have emotional issues when they are frequently separated from their parents. The truth is actually the opposite. If your child doesn’t go to a preschool, they won’t develop social skills that is absolutely necessary for their future. Attending a preschool is the first step towards interacting with the outside world. Developing social skills early on can immensely help for their future education.

Myth 2: Early Childhood Education is Only about Day Care

Fact: Child care centres are not just meant to take care of your kids while you are off to work. Your children will be supervised by trained educators, who will take the effort to teach them some of the important life skills through games and activities. Dee Why childrens centre create a learning environment where a child can imbibe and nurture new skills including social, language, math, and more.

Myth 3: Children Will Easily Forget What They Learned

Fact: Another common misconception is that kids have poor memories, so they will forget everything they learned at a preschool by the time they turn 2 or 3. Not at all! Research has proven that early childhood education at a child care in Dee Why will be helpful for children, as they will continue to utilise their social and academic skills throughout their education and beyond. Pre-schoolers will obviously have an advantage over those who haven’t obtained early education.

Myth 4: Preschool Education is Too Early for Kids

Fact: The truth is, kids are always learning and their brains constantly gather as much knowledge as possible at this time. When they’re younger, they grasp whatever is taught to them a lot faster than adults. So, when they’re learning, it is ideal that they are educated by skilled teaching professionals at Dee Why children’s centre who know exactly how to teach your kids.

Now that you realise the goodness of early childhood education, be careful about choosing the right day care centre in your area. Remember, it’s not just about caring for your child during the day, but also about helping them thrive in a friendly, inclusive space. Only the best childcare centres will be committed to provide a carefully planned preschool education in a comfortable and caring environment.

The author is working in a recognised Dee Why childrens centre for over 4 years. He often writes articles to spread awareness about preschool education on several blogsites. To know more, visit https://deewhykindergarten.com.au/

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