4 Important Places Where Safety Rails are Inevitable


Safety rails, as the name suggests, are meant to offer superior protection to those working in risky spots such as the edge of roofs, scaffold, or anyplace that’s several feet high above the ground. Safety rails, which are perfectly made by services specialised in pipe bending in Australia, are found useful in the following ways:


Building owners usually tend to secure the skylights using screens, however they are not just expensive, but would degrade the appearance as well. Doing so would also make it hard for workers to perform maintenance tasks as well. This is when permanent safety rails are useful. With safety rails installed, fall protection could be easily ensured for everyone.


Parapets do provide fall protection, but might not always be sufficiently high enough. Safety rails could be mounted on them to attain the necessary height required for fall protection. Parapets should be at least 39” high to be considered as fall protection. If not, contact a manufacturer specialised in pipe bending in Australia and purchase high quality safety rails from them. Installing it will certainly provide the much-needed safety.

Roof Hatches:

Roof hatches are not always safe, as they are usually left open to allow the person get back into the building from the roof. This is indeed a dangerous fall hazard. Anyone walking on the roof might not notice the roof hatch being open, due to which they could probably fall into it. This could be prevented by installing safety rails in Australia. Even though employees are supposed to close the roof hatch when not in use, one cannot guarantee that it would always be effective.

Wall-Mounted Ladders:

Wall-mounted ladders are usually placed near the edge of the roof, be it from one roof elevation to another or from roof to the ground. This is yet another fall hazard that the workers are exposed to. Regardless of the workers descending the ladder or waiting for their co-worker at the top, they would be standing close to the edge increasing the chances of slip-and-fall. Hence, installing safety rails on both sides of the ladder is strongly recommended for safety.

These are the common spots where safety rails should be installed. Get in touch with the professionals who manufacture safety rails as per your requirements. Such experts would implement advanced techniques such as mandrel bends in Australia to produce quality products that conforms to the required specifications.

The author is working in a leading company offering pipe bending in Australia. He explains some of the relevant spots where safety rails are highly useful. For more, visit https://www.abeckgroup.com.au

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