4 Hens Party Themes for a Night You Will Never Forget


A hens party is a better way to bid adieu to being single and have one last fling before the ring. Whether you are planning a night out on the town or a weekend trip to a sunny destination, it takes some time and effort to throw one last hoorah for the single woman. When it comes to hens parties, we all love a theme that can help us decide on the activities and decorations. So, here is a compiled list of hens party themes to make it feel like a special event.

Dress-up Themed Hens Party

A dress-up themed hens party gives bride-to-be and her guests a chance to dress up and have some fun, and take some memorable pictures. You can choose a retro theme in which everyone dresses up in their very best, complete with flapper dresses, elegant strands of pearls, and more. Cheap hens night accessories are key for this themed party. Try including flower crowns, head chains, temporary tattoos, and beautiful sashes. You can also opt for monochrome, boho-chic, and other ideas.

DIY Themed Hens Party

DIYs are a great theme for hens party activities and easy to put together. Here are a few ideas that make your DIY themed hens party a great success.

– Jewellery Making: Having a DIY class on jewellery making is one of the best ways to bring girls together and allow them to showcase their skills. Plan beforehand and ensure that you have all the materials needed for the craft.

– Perfume Making: Perfume-making is a classy way to spend a beautiful afternoon and get a chance to learn about different scents and fragrances. It provides the bride and her friends an opportunity to blend different scents to create the magic of your own personalised fragrance.

Health-Conscious Hens Party

For a bride to be who is a fitness freak, a night of binge drinking and eating bar food is not the right option. Get creative and started on that health-conscious hens night. It’s different from the traditional hens party, and you can have fun without compromising on the health factor. You can include Yoga camp, an ultimate calming activity to relax and centre the bride before her big day. You can also organise a fun run for the bride to be and her friends to breathe in the crisp morning air. Serve a healthy breakfast at home with a power-packed smoothie after the run.

Mermaid Theme

A mermaid themed bachelorette party is a perfect way to celebrate a bride who is a Disney lover. It’s very easy to find mermaid-themed decorations and cheap hens night supplies online. You can also put together a few signs here and there, and even set up a little photo booth area so all the girls could take lots of photos.

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