3+1 reasons why SMEs should outsource their digital marketing activities to an agency

It is a known fact that every business requires some or the other form of marketing. In today’s era where our entire life revolves around the internet and our mobile phones, it is obvious that every business needs digital marketing, and it is not meant only for bigger brands with huge budgets.


But why does it make more sense for SMEs to outsource their digital marketing activities? Read on to know more!


Advantage 1:

Better management of time and resources


Typically SMEs do not have a separate marketing department. It is usually the founder or an admin person who is assigned to handle the activities for marketing along with their day to day activities. Hence, it becomes difficult for that person to focus completely on marketing or digital marketing activities. This results in the digital marketing activities being handled as a side activity rather than a focused activity which would generate quality leads for the sales team.


Outsourcing the marketing activities to a digital marketing agency ensures that the business is able to focus on their core activities which are more important rather than running around to get the content generated and to decide which platform it should be posted on.


With Idecution, our clients have the peace of mind, knowing that they will get regularly updated fresh and relevant content for their digital presence and benefit from it in terms of brand perception and lead generation.


Advantage 2:

Better understanding of the results


Digital marketing agencies send a report on the analytics at the end of every campaign or at the end of your monthly cycle. This helps you understand which platform or campaign performed well and which did not perform well enough. These insights help you analyse and plan better for the future strategies.


We at Idecution provide detailed analytics reports to our clients at a pre-decided frequency to help them stay on top of their campaign performance and plan their budget better.


Advantage 3:


The ever-changing algorithms of search engines and social media platforms means that the person who is handling the digital marketing activities has to keep upgrading their knowledge and also keep pace with the technological advancements. This can often be overwhelming and just not possible. At an agency, this is possible since there are many people working on a particular project, you get the combined expertise of different services.


At Idecution, we keep ourselves updated on the latest capabilities of and trends on various social media platforms and advise our clients on what can be the best strategy for their business needs. This lets the client benefit without needing to worry about updating their knowledge.  


Advantage 4:


Since most of the agencies (including Idecution) typically charge based on the number of services that they provide, you have the option to discontinue a service for a particular month because of some budget constraint or some change in the business requirement. You can always reduce or increase the budget based on your priorities. This offers you the flexibility to change your budget based on business scenarios. If you have your employee(s) working on those particular services, it is obviously not possible to keep hiring and reassigning them whenever the need arises.


In a nutshell, outsourcing your digital marketing activities to an agency not only gives you free time and peace of mind, it also makes sound business sense.

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