3 Obvious Reasons Your Place Attracts Bees


Most of us love honey, but not so much the bees and that is why one of the common reasons people will call pest control Buffalo NY is to get rid of bees on their property. Many property owners will go on to ask bee control Buffalo NY why the bees choose their home especially since there is no honey. Well, it can be a few reasons and we will consider them here.

Hollow Wood

One of the most likely reasons that the bees will nest around your home is the fact that there is comfortable real estate in the area in the shape of wood that has holes. It could be an old woodpecker nest, old wooden walls or cracks in the wall that would provide the perfect entry and shelter for the swarm. Pest control Buffalo NY recommends that such hollow structures be filled up with the right material so that they do not attract any bees or even other pests. You should note that bees do not make their own hives, they usually look for a space that they can simply “redecorate.” If you do not want bees, inspect your house and the surrounding areas and carry out preventive control even before they come.

Abundant Food

Bees feed on nectar to make honey, their sole purpose in life is to make honey so it would make sense to them that they find a place to live that is near their source of food. You may realize that bee invasions usually occur when flowers have blossomed. While you may enjoy the beauty of the flowers, bees enjoy them even more and they will look for a home that is close to a garden of flowers.

It is probably not the best idea to cut down the flowers to prevent bees, but it is possible to ensure there is no place near the flowers that can become their new home. So, just like in the first case, inspect the area around your home and ensure there is no lodging for them.

They Were There Before You!

We humans have a habit of claiming land that is not really ours. Animals, insects, and birds are the usual victims of this habit that we have. It is possible that the area in which you live was once habited by a colony of bees that were displaced or simply migrated somewhere else and they have decided to return. Scientists confirm that bees and many other animals tend to return to their old homes or neighborhoods. In such a case it may be a good idea to contact bee exterminators Buffalo NY to assist you to get a permanent solution to the problem, especially if it keeps on recurring.

While we love honey and realize the importance of bees to the survival of life on earth, they are not the best neighbors and for some people, bee stings can be fatal so it is best not to have them in the neighborhood. Now that you know what may attract them, go ahead and take steps to control them.

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