2019 Trending Marble Slabs in Sydney

Marble Slabs available in Sydney can add elegance and wow-factor to your kitchens, bathrooms and even dining and living rooms, if you know how to use it. Some of these classic marbles have been on designer’s favourite list since decades and still continue to be in the top 5. Hence today we decide to share these three most sought-after marble slabs in Sydney. These have been on high demand throughout 2019 with all the marble slab suppliers in Sydney.

Go bold with Bookmatched slabs – Cote De Azure – This Italian beauty has been charming many homemakers and design professionals for thousands of years. Its dominant and attractive grey veining is still mesmerising to go in todays modern designs. White backdrop, bold grey vein marble can look great in many forms: as opulent floor tiles, elegant benchtops, smart bath surrounds or gorgeous fireplaces. So, let the natural beauty of this sensational marble slabs in Sydney take the spotlight.

Update an oldie – Verde Alpi – While this green marble slab shade might not appeal to you right now, but it’s only matter on time before your opinion changes. Marble suppliers in Sydney are predicting these green marble slab to be the next most demanding marble slabs in sydney in the coming decade. When it comes to the use of marble slabs in Sydney in interiors, the colour is being embraced for its rich, varying tones rather than any inherent meaning.

Neutral Colour Palette – Bianco Bliss – Add this stunning array of lightly grey veins of Bianco Bliss marble slab with its beautiful white backdrop to your kitchen to add both practicality and design focal point. The neutral shades of this marble slabs available in Sydney and can adapt almost any colour setting from the adjacent rooms or objects around. This marble slab is much loved by both homemakers and interior designers in Sydney. These neutral shades are smart and sophisticated, and never go out of date. To create maximum impact with this colour scheme, look for bright colours for the surrounding to lift up your ambience or tone down by introducing some grey tones.

All this seems very appealing, but worried about maintenance and handling your marble slab? Here are some expert tips from one of the best marble slab suppliers in Sydney.

Most marble suppliers in Sydney provide you with all the marble slabs care and maintenance guide in Sydney. So, here are some of the main pointers from the guide:

– Clean your marble regularly to maintain the shine and appearance as new.

– Clean your marble slabs using a soft cloth in warm water with appropriate marble cleaners. You could alternatively use detergent and warm water wipes. Make sure you clean the detergent or cleaner immediately using a clean dry cloth.

– Do not leave water on your marble surface for a long time, as marble is a porous material.

– Do not use knifes or sharp objects directly on your benchtop, consider using a chopping board or a benchtop cover while placing hot objects.

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