18 Dog Breeds Most Susceptible to Hip Dysplasia


For the most part, dogs are strong and healthy. However, in most purebred dogs, there are still a number of health issues that have been identified that you will want to familiarize yourself with. One of these is hip dysplasia.

Learn More About Hip Dysplasia

A diagnosis of CHD means there is a problem between the ball of the femur and the socket of the hip. With movement, the ball separates from the joint, causing abnormal rubbing and wear. Over time, this leads to excessive wearing of the cartilage and strain on the muscles, causing extreme pain.

Your dog must carry the gene for canine hip dysplasia (CHD) in order to suffer from it. CHD is known as a polygenetic multi-factorial disease. This means that there is a genetic component to the disorder, as well as other factors. Just because your dog carries the gene does not mean your dog will develop the disease.

Common Signs of Hip Dysplasia:

Walking with a limp

Pain upon touching of thigh area

Lack of interest in play or exercise

Abnormal gait (swaying)

Inability or reluctance to climb stairs

Crying/whimpering with movement

Hopping when running

Slow or difficult getting up from a seated position

“Clicking” sound when walking

Who Suffers From Hip Dysplasia?

These 18 breeds are known to carry the CHD gene most often:

German Shepherds


Great Danes

Saint Bernards

Neopolitan Mastiffs

American Staffordshire Terriers




Catahoula Hounds

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

Norwegian Elkhounds


Old English Sheepdogs


French Bulldogs

Basset Hounds

What Can be Done to Help?

Thankfully, you don’t have to let your beloved pet suffer. Just like if your dog tore their ACL you would get them a dog leg brace ACL, there are a number of things you can do to alleviate your dog’s suffering for CHD:

Don’t Overfeed Your Dog!

Extra weight puts unnecessary stress on the hips and joints. However, it’s not just the weight itself causing the problem. If a dog gets too many calories at a young age, this can lead to rapid growth. Cartilage can’t keep up with bone growth, and the chances of dysplasia increases.

Exercise with Caution!

Exercise is great for your dog, but be careful about over-exercising your pup. Jumping from excessive heights and walking on slippery surfaces are also major dangers. These are especially true for dogs that are more prone to hip dysplasia.

Get Them the Healthcare They Need!

Everything from joint supplements to a dog hock brace can be found and ordered over the internet. When you have a headache, you take medicine for it. If you twisted your ankle, you’d wrap it up. Your dog deserves the same care!

Ordering a Dog Brace Online

A sensible diet and smart exercise won’t keep your dog healthy for 10 years or even longer if he or she is genetically predispositioned for certain diseases. Any type of brace, like a dog hock brace and more, will go a long way toward keeping your furry friend fit and healthy. Ordering this type of brace is easy! Do not delay in looking into your options.




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